What is Network Security? Tools, Solutions, and Techniques.

What is network security?

Network security is a subset of cybersecurity, which aims to protect any data and information. This data is transmitted through devices on the company’s network. To ensure the information is delivered safely and securely, companies install a security system for the working network.

  • Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks: aimed to shut down a machine or network and restrict the access for intended users. These attacks are performing by flooding the target with traffic or sending the information for triggering the crash;
  • Spyware/adware: types of malware that are aimed to collect personal information, install Trojan viruses (spyware), or display pop-up ads when you are online (adware).

Network security types and tools

There are many tools and types of network security systems. But they are all more like components for the creation of a single bond arrangement. Let’s talk about each one separately and their compatibility with each other:

  1. Diversion: redirection of traffic away from the network via DNS (Domain Name System) or BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing and decision making about filtering or discarding it altogether.
  2. Filtering: the traffic weeded out usually by identifying patterns that instantly distinguish between legitimate traffic (i.e., humans, API calls, and search engine bots) and malicious visitors.
  3. Analysis: identifying the offender(s) and creating a plan for improvement of future resilience will make it easier to make a qualitative strategy by using system logs and analytics.

Network security on the edge of DevOps

DevOps inquires automation for maximizing velocity and continuous improvement throughout the feedback process. Unfortunately, that means more security risks: code and complexity mean more spaces where things can go wrong, velocity means less time to fix bugs.



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