HumanOps: the human side of DevOps

What is HumanOps

Unreasonable expectations and enormous pressure are often placed on DevOps engineers. Eventually, they started to reject this “superhero” culture and promoted a philosophy focusing on the human side of running infrastructure — HumanOps.

Implementation principles

DevOps practices should be implemented properly, as mentioned above. But what does “properly” stand for? It’s about certain rules companies shouldn’t forget about while applying DevOps practices. Here are the main principles HumanOps encourages:

  • People get stressed and tired, they need rest.
  • Human health directly affects business health and system operations.
  • Help your employees by automating & documenting everything.

HumanOps areas


HumanOps practices put people first and care about human impact on tech processes. DevOps combined with HumanOps establish smooth operational actions, favorable working conditions and contribute to your business success.



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