Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) in details

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is about consistently integrating software development changes. It requires a version control system like Git to track alterations. Developers merge code changes to the master branch as often as possible. If there’s a conflict between new and existing code, automated testing helps to fix those bugs quickly and often. Using CI allows you to avoid integration challenges and don’t wait for release day to merge your piece of work.

Continuous Delivery

Following the builds automation and integration testing, continuous delivery automates the entire release process of the validated code. So, to have an effective CD process, you must include CI into your development pipeline.

How CI and CD work together

Continuous integration establishes the smooth process of building, packaging, and testing apps. CD starts where CI ends. Continuous delivery automates the delivery of apps to infrastructure environments.



If your company practices CI/CD, it will have a competitive advantage and will bring you a wide range of benefits, like:

  • Building the release is easy (all integration issues have been solved).
  • Less distraction for developers (alerts appear immediately).
  • QEs spend less time testing and can focus on significant quality improvements.
  • Testing costs are dramatically reduced (CI server can run hundreds of tests in a moment).
  • Smooth software deploys.
  • Frequent releases.
  • Much less pressure on decisions for small changes (faster development pace).

CI/CD Pipeline

  • Infrastructure
  • Testing
  • Release strategies
  • Validation
  • Vulnerability checking
  • Regulations restrict software update conditions. In particular, continuous updates of software used in aerospace, telecom, and medical industries is not an option.

CI/CD Tools

Continuous integration and delivery tools help store the environment-specific parameters. CI/CD automation then performs any necessary service calls to web servers, databases, and others.


CI/CD practices certainly enable companies to upgrade products frequently and securely. They are essential to software development using Agile methodologies. CI/CD pipelines remarkably facilitate the release process and improve user experience.



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