7 Tips to Win the “Worst DevOps Engineer” Award

In 2021, a lot of companies decided to appeal to DevOps practices. According to Gartner, the latest tech trends include distributed cloud, cybersecurity, and automation.

So, DevOps engineers are highly in demand. If you’re an engineer, you probably ask yourself: how can I become better? What additional knowledge do I need and where to apply it? The questions of employers may vary. For example, how to identify true professionals? Or what technologies should they know?

But in case your goal is to become the worst DevOps ever, you’ll find this article helpful. Here is the list of TOP tips you should follow to take this title. Enjoy!

  • Fear of Failure

Fresh ideas and brainstorm are for creative people, not for the DevOps engineers. New technologies and tools require too many changes in your daily routine. And changes may lead to failure. It’s wiser to keep everything as it is.

  • Encourage Organizational Silos

IT silos are about the narrow focus of each department. Work in closed units is comfy. Hyper-focusing on tasks and a lack of communication between teams results in a perfectly siloed approach.

  • Say NO to Standardization

Why spend your time defining a proper development strategy or assign KPIs to goals? It takes ages and causes headaches. Numbers may be really dull. Moreover, how can you plan the future? It’s better to act spontaneously!

  • Forget about Agile

DevOps standards are the sequel of Agile collaboration and mindset. So if you want to integrate DevOps, start directly from it. Who needs Agile when you have DevOps?

  • Ignore Security

IT is not rocket science. So what is all the fuss about? In particular, meeting deadlines is more important. It’s better to sacrifice security to speed. Secure CI/CD pipelines require too much time and effort. SecOps are not that significant when it comes to DevOps.

  • Focus just on Tools

Do you use Kubernetes, Terraform, or Ansible? Great, you’re practicing DevOps!

Proper tool is key to success. Choose your work tools carefully, consider all vendors and options, study each one in detail. It doesn’t matter how efficiently they will work together or what business goals you need to achieve. After all, DevOps is not about philosophy or approaches — it’s about tools.

  • Reject Automation

Automation is overwhelming. HumanOps are ridiculous. Machines can’t cope with tasks better than humans. Let people monitor alerts themselves — they will have more fun at work.

Becoming the worst DevOps can’t be easier with these tips, can it?

P.S: of course, this article highlights the “how not to do” things. We hope you got your daily dose of entertainment!



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Reliable DevOps service provider for startups and SME software engineering teams.